Mike Johnson Says Demi Lovato Is The Only Person He's Seeing Right Now

Things seem to be going well for Demi Lovato and Mike Johnson. After flirting online for months, the singer and Bachelorette star went on their first official date last weekend.

"Demi Lovato and I went on a date. The woman is quite astounding and amazing. And that's all I'll say on that," he coyly told Entertainment Tonight earlier this week.

"I think she’s amazing. She’s incredibly humble," he later added while visiting The Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. “When Demi and I are together, it’s laughter and we talk about real sh*t. Like, she's a down-to-earth woman and I respect it so much. And she’s just a really humble, really cool, really fun, down-to-earth person."

Now, the 31-year-old is giving us even more details about his budding romance with the pop star. "I'm just getting to know Demi. I think she's absolutely fantastic and I don't want no pressure on her, no pressure on me, we're just trying to get to know each other. That's all," he told E! News on Friday (September 20) at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas.

When asked if he was seeing anyone else, he didn't hesitate to say no. "No, it's just Demi. That's the only person I'm talking to," he said.

Photo: Getty Image