KISS FM HALLOWEEN BASH at Wild Eagle Downtown with Ashley Z. and DJ Mike D.

WAKS 96.5 KISS FM Calendar Event

Join Ashley Z & DJ Mike D at Wild Eagle Saloon (Downtown Cleveland) on Saturday, October 26th for the OFFICIAL KISS FM Halloween Bash Heaven & Hell!. Stop by from 10:30 PM to 12:30 AM and spin the KISS FM digital prize wheel. You can win Tickets, T-Shirts, and much more!

Make your way through hell or go up in the clouds and party like it's the afterlife. There will be drink specials, a $1,000 cash prize costume contest hosted by Ashley Z., and DJ Mike D playing the best beats all night!

So whether you take the highway to hell, or the stairway to heaven - we promise you'll end up at the best Halloween party of the season! The Official KISS FM Halloween BASH.

Wild Eagle is a modern spin on your traditional neighborhood hangout that features an all American good time. Aside from Wild Eagle's food & beverage freedom, Wild Eagle features indoor bocce ball courts, pool tables, vintage arcade games and more. Who says that adults can't have a playground too?


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