Hand sanitizer: Is it more effective than soap & water? (Photo)

We've seen the photos of the empty shelves once filled with massive tubs of Purell and other hand sanitizers, now totally empty.

Reports that some are selling their own stockpile at up to $90 (or more) a pop.

But is it worth it?

Is hand sanitizer as effective as good ol' "soap and water?"

Well - the below isn't exactly definitive proof. After all, it's an elementary school experiment, but... I was pretty surprised by the results.

Makes you think, I guess. Hey- If it saves one life, it's worth it.

By the way... I think it's okay to overreact and be extra cautious.

Keep using your Purell... but wash them hands, k?

Stay healthy, Cleveland!


java joel

Photo: Andreas Chaparro

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