Teen Girl's Secret Message Found In Wall 48 Years Later

A fifties vintage home wood style

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Carpenter Dakota Mohn was hired to work on a 150-year-old house outside of Peoria, Illinois when he found writing while pulling off the walls of the front living room. The writing said “Note 9/29/75” with arrows pointing to a small hold in the wood, and inside that hole was a small bottle with a note from the past. Signed by Stephanie Herron, the note read:

“To whoever finds this:

Today is Sept. 29, 1075. My name is Stephanie Herron. I live here with my mother, father (Earnest), Becky and Valerie.

Gerald Ford is president. Mrs. Lay is our neighbor. Mom is pregnant and the baby is due any day now. As far as we know, this house was made in 1872. We are remodeling the house.

The Illinois Central Railroad is on the west side of the house. We have lived here for 8 years.

My dad works the Chicago Northwestern Railroad. Green Valley has about 650 people. I am 14, Val is 16 and Becky is 12.

I hope you have lots of happiness in this house.


PS: My mother’s name is Rose Herron. She is a registered nurse. She works at Hopedale Nursing home. She was born in Nebraska.

She is a very good mother.”

After a video of the note went viral on TikTok, the 61-year-old Stephanie, now with the last name Poit, was found in New York, married and with five kids of her own. She told the press that she was shocked when she heard about the note and said “Honestly, I forgot all about it.”

The story is sparking people all over the country to put their own time capsules in their homes. One final note: she was right about her pregnant mom because she says her baby sister was born the day after she wrote the note and hid it inside the walls of her home.

Source: Good Morning America

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