New Kanye Cuts Through the "Poopity Scoop"

Kanye West. Arguably one of the most respected and intelligent men ever to make music for the masses. Absolutely one of the most unfairly criticized human beings on the planet.


I honestly don't understand how this man endures all the cruel things said about him regularly. Like, if people who called themselves a fan or friend of mine said even half the nonsense I've seen spewed around Twitter and other petty places I'd crawl into a literal hole and never come out.


And yes, we radio people are obviously no better than the next petty Patty sometimes. 


In the end, all that matters is what you do with what you're given. In this case, Kanye took all the s**t he's been given and "poopity scoop"ed it right back to us with "Lift Yourself". Now listen and love, people, because this is a good lesson in today's triggered-meets-misguided world. 

Stop. Giving. A. Poopity. Scoop. And. Be. You. 

Then practice helping others do the same. xoxo.

Ashley Z

Ashley Z

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