AZ Diaries: What a Weird World We're In

“The more you overthink the less you will understand.” – Habeeb Akande


Sooo if you're a Scorpio like me, our horoscope seems to be wildly accurate today. 

"If your motor's been revving in a certain relationship but you can't seem to pull out of the starting gates, examine your communication style. It's not just about what you're saying but also what you're holding in. Perhaps you've been a bit too enigmatic or self-protective. Whatever the case, today's alignment of the moon and structured Saturn in your third house of communication can lay the foundation for an overdue heart-to-heart. Saturn can help you organize your thoughts, and the moon will lend the perfect amount of compassion. Take a deep breath and…speak!"

Are you relating rn?? I've been severely stuck in a weird mindset I'm not used to these past few weeks where there's SO MUCH I need and want to do, but can't seem to actually get anything done. This is obviously beyond frustrating before and after the obnoxious paranoia kicks in, which convinces you you're failing in life and people are noticing you're "doing like, literally nothing though". Caring way too much what other people think in turn slows you down even more. UGH. Such a waste of time.


So how do we fix this? I don't know about you, but I operate on the mentality that if it's not perfectly done, "it" being literally everything I say & do, it must be perfected before put out into the world. But is perfection even a thing? No. None of us are perfect and not everything we do will end up perfect in our eyes. But is that a reason to hold yourself back? 

Not a good enough one. 


This time the dude has a point. No more worrying about consequences that come with simply existing in this weird world we're in right now. Start saying what it is you want to say, doing what you need to and instead of trying to fit into another perfection bubble, just be excited about what could happen. Make sense?

Thanks for letting me vent! Feel free to reach out to me & do the same if ever needed. XOXO

Ashley Z

Ashley Z

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