Mr Probz Opens Up With Ashley Z & Debuts New 'Space For Two'


"Something told me... just jump. You'll see what happens."

I was a fan of Mr Probz before, but this inspiring and refreshingly genuine talk put all the icing on that cake. Also, HELLO. It was like talking to myself at some points and it felt crazy good to be understood by another on a few traits-> "I'm really stubborn. You can tell me something, like 100 times, but I have to experience something and look at it from a different perspective to move on from there."

Also, "I'm a late bloomer. I'm not stupid or anything but I just take one step at a time and when I take a step - it's solid." Yup. I feel that.

In this interview he refuses to teach me any Dutch words (apparently it'd scare you away), opens up about overcoming pretty intense obstacles (ex. getting shot, losing everything in a house fire days before performing 'Waves' on TV for the first time, etc.), being labeled a "troublemaker" type, what was so "heartbreaking" about the loss of Avicii and gives us his new (gorgeous) song 'Space For Two'.


If you're hooked instantly we're definitely musical taste twins. Vote 'Space For Two' into the Ten O'clock Takeover as quick as humanly possible, too please and thanks. This one deserves to be blasted in the streets of Cleveland on a perfect summer night. 

Ashley Z

Ashley Z

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