Cardi B Says the Words Everyone Holding Us Back Need to Hear Right Now


Trust. My. Judgment.  

As easily one of the most influential voices and people of our current world, the words Cardi B says hold some serious weight. Whether she meant to say something this incredibly important as an aimed message or not, I'm so glad these words are being said by young, smart, successful women unafraid to speak up with their educated opinions among the countless voices constantly claiming to know better. 


25-year-old Cardi obviously knows what she's talking about and faces the same professional struggles we all seem to be currently fighting. A bunch of behind-the-scenes people telling us the right way to think, act, speak and making decisions FOR us instead of WITH us, even when the decision either directly affects us or we have valuable input they'd most likely benefit from. 


Take it from me and rest easy knowing you're not alone if this article relates to you in some way. The future is happening now and it's only a matter of time until the rest of our voices have their moments, too.


Ashley Z

Ashley Z

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