Justin & Hailey's "Cliche" Pregnancy Prank is Actually Super Inspiring


When I first saw Justin Bieber, one of the biggest stars who inspired an entire world with his music and next-level-everything posted the most cliche April Fools Day prank one could possibly think of, I was pretty quick to slam how unoriginal and surprisingly outdated it was. But then I realized: why do I feel the need to slam them right away like this? They're adorable together, I'm a huge fan of them both, I want to see Bieber get through the slump he's been fighting through lately and who the hell cares how many people before them went with the pregnancy prank come April 1st? Like, Ashley. Let's reconsider, regroup and not be like that. Just because they weren't the first ones to ever do it does not mean it's a complete loss. In the world of instant-everything our standards have reached delusional levels and we need to just come back to earth for a few.


The puppy pic is actually adorable. I didn't see that until now. It doesn't matter in the grand spectrum, but I think it was a super cute post and I'm happy they don't hold themselves to absurd standards with snobby content standards, such as an Olivia Jade type, if you will. But I digress. These 2 seem like good people who we should support or just unfollow & ignore. Because every good-hearted person acting with good intent deserves the same back. See below.


Be good to each other out there & happy April 1st hooligans!


Ashley Z

Ashley Z

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