Denver Decriminalizes Psychedelic 'Magic' Mushrooms


When you think about taking drug culture conversations and turning them into modern political movements, Denver automatically comes to mind. More now than ever, as they just became the first U.S. city to legalize the use of magic mushrooms, crediting its massive health benefits and ability to cure depression and types of cancer. As one report states, "'I do believe that is the first ‘lowest law enforcement priority’ initiative for psilocybin,' said Art Way, state director for the Drug Policy Alliance. 'In that aspect, it is groundbreaking.”'

Magic Mushrooms

I cannot wait to research the hell out of this. The facts are pretty fascinating, down to the way in which cops are expected to handle laws pertaining to the shroom decriminalization. The most important made thus far, in my opinion, is: "But the decriminalization campaign won’t focus on the drug’s potential benefits. Instead, it will argue that criminal penalties aren’t the right way to address a drug that many scientists rate as minimally dangerous."


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