Jersey Shore's 'DJ Pauly D' Appeared As An 'Inflation Expert' On Fox News

Further proof that we are actually living in a simulation - The Jersey Shore's 'DJ Pauly D' is now an inflation expert. He made his appearance last week on Fox News' Jesse Waters Primetime, because why not?

This picture of Jesse Waters looking absolutely smitten with the artist has now gone viral. Get you a man that looks at you the way Jesse Waters looks at Pauly D.

I actually am a huge fan of The Jersey Shore and the cast members. That said, everyone is understandably confused as to why Pauly D was brought on as an 'expert.' This appearance had some fans wondering when CNN would bring in fellow cast member Snooki to discuss peace in the Middle East and whether or not the team at Fox News would be reaching out to the cast of Teen Mom for their thoughts on defense spending.

In either the most or least bizarre portion of the interview - I really can't tell anymore - Watters asked the tanning enthusiast on testicle tanning. While Pauly D has read that it raises your testosterone "something like 200%" he said that it was not a trend he'd be interested in trying out and admitted that he puts "a sock down there" when he tans. It's always important to protect the good china.

For the record, if anyone at either Fox News or CNN is interested, I personally am available to discuss my thoughts on everything aliens, Kardashians, and whether or not my dog Jack is indeed a very good boy or not - spoiler alert, HE IS.

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