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15 Things Successful People Do Before Bed

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Looking for the keys to success? Consider changing your sleep habits. What you do before bed can have a significant impact on mood and energy. Good bedtime routines are key for successful people. Business Insider gathered pre-sleep rituals from successful business leaders like Sheryl Sandberg and Bill Gates. These are the 15 most effective tips:

15) Read - Reading is the last thing most successful people do before going to bed including Barack Obama and Bill Gates.

14) Unplug - The blue light from the phone mimics the blue light from the sun. Give yourself 30 minutes off your phone before going bed.

13) Disconnect to Reconnect - According to international business speaker Michael Kerr, successful people don't work before bed. If you associate bed with work, it's harder to relax before sleeping.

12) Make a To-Do List - Writing things down gives you the opportunity to clear your mind of tasks. Kenneth Chenault, former CEO of American Express, writes down three things he wants to accomplish the next day.

11) Spend Time With Family - Successful author Laura Vanderkam says this is common practice amongst successful people.

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10) Give Your Partner A Special Hug - A study from Germany found that couples that have sex four or more times a week earned a salary 5% higher than those that didn't.

9) Take A Walk - Joel Gascoigne, cofounder and CEO of Buffer, takes a 20 minute walk every evening before bed. Studies have found that exercising, even before bed, assist in a healthy nights sleep.

8) Reflect On Positivity - Kerr says most successful people take Tim ego reflect on the positive things that occurred during the day. He recommends keeping a journal. Benjamin Franklin was fantasy known for asking himself "What have I done today?"

7) Picture Tomorrow's Success - Lynn Taylor, national national workplace expert, says successful people take a few minutes before bed to envision positive outcomes for the projects they're working on.

6) Meditate - many successful people take 10 minutes to meditate before bed.

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5) Schedule Time for Sleep - Workaholics and entrepreneurs are at risk for unhealthy sleep habits, so scheduling time for proper sleep is something successful people put effort into.

4) Keep A Hygiene Ritual - The National Sleep Foundation says that creating a night time hygiene schedule sends a psychological signal to the brain that it's time for bed. Steven King likes to wash his hands and face his pillows a certain way.

3) Decompress - Successful people find ways to unwind. Take a bath, listen to music, whatever relaxes you to prepare you for a successful next day.

2) Skip The Wine - Arianna Huffington consulted a number of sleep experts for her sleep manifesto, Thrive. Her favorite tip was avoiding alcohol before bed. While it may help you fall asleep, it robs you of quality of sleep.

1) Write Down Your Accomplishments - Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg adopted this technique to help her sleep after her husband passed. She does this daily. The accomplishments don't have to be big, just list three.

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