Beauty YouTuber NikkieTutorials Blackmailed into Coming Out as Transgender

Nikkie de Jager aka YouTube beauty queen Nikkie Tutorials came out as transgender! Beauty community fans collectively lost our minds from shock and pride that our girl could finally live her truth.

She uploaded a video called "I'm Coming Out" and that's exaaactly she did. Nikkie shared how she transitioned on camera in front of her fans through hormone therapy, growth stoppers and transition surgeries. I've been a huge fan of Nikkie for a few years. I even bought her infamous Too Faced collab palette (yikes). It was beautiful to hear how confident she is in her own skin. A trans woman has been dominating the beauty industry for years, unbothered. We have no choice but to stan.

But, there was an ugly side to this celebratory moment. Someone blackmailed Nikkie into coming out before she felt ready. This is where her rough history with Too Faced comes back around.

Watch the video below that breaks down who might have blackmailed Nikkie.

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