James Charles Dropped by Morphe and Demonetized on Youtube Amid Scandal

Marc Jacobs Spring 2020 Runway Show - Arrivals

Marc Jacobs Spring 2020 Runway Show - Arrivals

The fallout continues over beauty YouTuber James Charles allegedly sexting with minors.

James, 21, has been accused by more than 15 men and boys of sexual misconduct as far back as 2019. Some of these were anonymous allegations in TikTok videos that claim they were underage when James sent them nudes and he tried to manipulate them into sending him their own. James initially responded to two of the accusations in a video on April 1st saying he didn't know they were underage because the accusers lied about their ages.

As the scandal has gotten bigger, James' long-time collaborator Morphe decided to cut ties with the content creator.

James responded to Morphe's announcement, adding his legal team is going after the accusers he says are sharing "false allegations".

A big piece of James' beauty empire is his YouTube channel. YouTube announced it suspended him from the Partner Program and is demonetizing his channel, but didn't say for how long. The platform told Business Insider it's applying the "creator responsibility policy" which, in part, says "If we see that a creator's on- and/or off-platform behavior harms our users, community, employees or ecosystem, we may take action to protect the community."

YouTube used the same policy to demonetize David Dobrik, Dom Zeglaitis and Shane Dawson.