Woman Slammed For 'Insensitive' And 'Offensive' Name She Gave Her Dog

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Lots of thought goes into getting a pet. First, you need to decide what kind of creature you want. Once that's figured out, you have to determine the specific type or breed that pairs best with your lifestyle. Finally, you must decide what it is you will be calling your new family member. Some pet owners go with a typical name like Spot or Whiskers, while others take a different route and choose something more unique. That's definitely the path one new dog owner went with, but all it's gotten her is shamed.

She took to Reddit to ask if she made a poor decision with the dog's name, which is... Covid.

The woman explained, "We found a stray puppy during the start of our lockdown. It started by feeding him scraps in the back garden where we were spending so much of our time. Now he's moved in and is probably going to stay unless someone comes forward to claim him. We put a notice up in some village shops about him. We called him Covid because that's why we found him - spending all our time at home."

Somewhat not surprisingly, things haven't gone smoothly. She stated, "We have now started taking him out for walks - which he loves. But yesterday a couple heard us calling his name while playing by the beach. They came over and told us that it's insensitive as they lost an uncle to the virus. They said how would we feel if they called their pet Cancer or Death?"

She asked Reddit if the name is truly offensive or if the couple overreacted. Most commenters felt that the name wasn't a great choice. They wrote things like, "Would you name a dog AIDS and go running around in public yelling 'Here AIDS! Come here boy, that's a good AIDS?'... I mean if nothing else, running around on the beach shouting 'COVID! COVID!' could be construed as yelling fire in a crowded theatre - just not smart any way you slice it," and, "Despite your story, I still have no clue why you would name a pet after a virus that has killed people," and "Oh that's my dog, 9/11. We call him that because we found him the day all those people died. Pretty cute story right?"

No word on if she listened to the majority and changed the pup's name.

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