Wholesome funny man George Lopez goes OFF on woman {Video}

Family-friendly funnyman George Lopez went OFF on a woman in the audience who didn't like one of his jokes. 


I like to see comedians push-back at the super-politically correct/easily offended people.


I'm sure Twitter will respond by calling George a "woman basher". Huffington Post and Buzzfeed and all the usual suspects will come out and call for the guy to apologize. And since he's essentially a Hollywood sheep, he'll inevitably buckle to pressure and issue some sort of insincere, horsepucky apology. Heaven forbid we speak our minds and act HUMAN. We're supposed to placate every thin-skinned rube out there, right?

Yeah- We've seen this movie before?

Either way... Good goin', Georgey Boy. Good luck. You're gonna need it... in this wacky world of Fake Outrage we live in!



Java Joel

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