Cleveland's Great Lakes Science Center experiments w/ Marshmallow Peeps {Video}


The other day I mentioned on the air that I thought Marshmallow Peeps kinda suck.

The comment was met with equal parts agreement and repulsion.

I don't get the appeal - it's marshmallow covered with wispy, colored sugar. It's not necessarily gross... it's just... what's the point? If I'm going to eat a crapload of empty calories, I at least want the stuff I'm eating to taste like.... SOMETHING!

Either way, the folks at the Great Lakes Science Center have released a series of videos where they put those poor, cute 'lil Peeps thru a series of arduous tasks.


Ooooh. Neat. Electrified Peeps!


Ever wonder what happens to a glob of bird shaped sugar goo into a liquid nitrogen?

Wonder no more!


NOOO! NOOOO! Don't do it! Those Peeps NEED air. They won't be able to brea...

Oh wait...They're not real. They're just overrated blobs of corn syrupy garbage. 

Go ahead... Deprive them of oxygen. See if I care!


Burn, Peeps. BURN!

I'm getting a sick & twisted sort of pleasure out of all this.... of applause for the Great Lakes Science Center.

Be sure to check 'em out for their Spring Into Science event happening this weekend (Fri & Sat).

Happy Easter!

Now... where can I get some Cadbury Creme Eggs?

Java Joel

Java Joel

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