Couple claim they haven't eaten a meal in 9 years {Video}


Meet 36-year-old Akahy Ricardo and his wife, 34-year-old, Camilla Costello.

They claim they haven't eaten a proper meal since... 2008!

That's when they became "breatharians" - they claim to exist off the "cosmic energy" around them. They're absolutely convinced that this "food-free" lifestyle gives them great health. The couple says they only eat in certain social situations or when they have a craving for fruit. 


They say their children are aware of "breatharianism", but they say they let the kids eat whatever they want. Camilla says she no longer suffers from PMS symptoms and feels more "emotionally stable".

How about mentally stable??? There's a term for this folks... it's called... EATING DISORDER.

Good luck you guys. I'm gonna go get a bagel.

Java Joel

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