96-5 Kiss FM's Most Played Songs: This Week In 2007


Holy poop nuggets!

2007 was TEN damn years ago??? How the hell did that even happen???

We dug thru our playlist archives to dredge up the top 10 most played songs on 96-5 Kiss FM from November 16th, 2007. 

How many of these do you remember and which were your favorites?

10> "Hate That I Love You" - Rihanna Featuring Ne-Yo

We kick it off with a little R&B slow jam by 'Lil Baby RiRi and Ne-Yo. 

From the same album that gave us "Umbrella" and "Don't Stop The Music". 

The 19-year old girl from Barbados was on a roll. 


9> "Clumsy" - Fergie

Fergie-Ferg of the Black Eyed Peas' (and Kids Incorporated!) 5th consecutive top 10 banger between 2006 and 2008. The others were "London Bridge", "Fergalicious" (with Will.I.Am), "Glamourous" (with Ludacris) and the power ballad "Big Girls Don't Cry". 

Not-so-fun-fact: The drum loop used is from this < Casio keyboard >


8> "Take You There" - Sean Kingston

The 1st time Sean Kingston came to visit Kiss FM in Cleveland was around the time he was pimpin' this single. Word was, he wasn't all that pleasant. Then, a few years later he had that awful jetski accident where he almost died. Few years after that, he revisited Kiss FM. He was super cool & awesome. Perspective.

By the way, the "JR!" he shouts out is JR Rotem. The same guy partially responsible for Jason Derulo's earliest hits ("Whatcha Say", "In My Head", "Ridin' Solo" etc). 


6> "Cyclone" - Baby Bash Featuring T-Pain

Jesus. This reminds me of the old Bar Room on West Sixth. One particular night trying to not step on puke puddles on the way to the Men's Room. Random, I know. Shout-out to a young & spry E-V and B-RAD.

Let's get (kinda) crunk! (that was still a thing in 2007, apparently)


7> "Kiss, Kiss" - Chris Brown Featuring T-Pain

Naw, it's okay. Chris was still cool in 2007. Well.. maybe he was just hiding it really well. 'Matta fact this was blowin' up at radio as the C-Breezy/Rihanna romance was just startin' to brew. 

T-Pain was on, like, every song back then. He was the Quavo of '07.


5> "Lovestoned/I Think She Knows" - Justin Timberlake

It's two! two! 2 songs in one! 

Seriously...When's the last time a "suite" was a pop radio hit? I guess Travis Scott's "Antidote" was "suite-ish" (not Swedish), but I'm seriously digressing. 

One of the final singles off the FutureSex/LoveSounds rekkid.


4 > "Apologize" - Timbaland Featuring OneRepublic

The song that introduced the world to the songwriting talents of one Ryan Tedder and his band, OneRepublic. 

That December, just before the holiday break, the band stopped by 96-5 Kiss FM for a little visit.

You can tell I was REALLY enjoying my 2nd year in Cleveland. 

Portly fellow, wasn't I? Thank you Great Lakes Christmas Ale!

One Republic at 96-5 Kiss FM (2007)

3> "Ayo Technology" - 50 Cent Featuring Justin Timberlake

Another Timbaland production. Featuring another Timberlake vocal. 'Cuz 2007.


2> "Stronger" - Kanye West Featuring Daft Punk

This song was all over pop & rhythm radio ("Now that don't kill me, can only make me stronger") the same week Kanye's Mom died from complications from plastic surgery.

Featuring a little dab of Daft Punk. As heard HERE.


1> "Bubbly" - Colbie Caillat

Whoa. Talk about a tad "out of place". I mean compared to everything else... This is kinda. I dunno. Mom Rock? Is that a genre? Actually, Colbie was one of the first artists to get a record deal (and a resulting radio hit) thanks to the then hot as poop MySpace. 

Colbie visited KISS in 2007, but I can't find any photographic evidence. 

From what I remember she was a good human.

"Will you count me in?"


Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. 

What others songs from around this time do you remember?

Pass it along to a friend you think will appreciate.

..and remember, iHeartRadio has a ton of Throwback channels

(and it's free... just sayin'!)

Or... you can listen to us (see below)


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