Ohio man posts Facebook Live video from prison {Video}


Ohio police have described him as 'one of Akron's most dangerous individuals'.

He's 30-year-old Joseph Fletcher. Monsieur Fletcher is in prison on a weapons charged. He's scheduled to be released sometime in May.


(There's always a but)

This past Saturday, ol' Fletch divulged some rather tasty information while on Facebook Live.

Wait a minute... I know what you're thinking... How does a prisoner get on Facebook Live. 

Excellent question!

Well, you see... this may come as a shock to some... but there's this whole "black market" thing happening in our beloved prison system. It's not just cigarettes and breath mints. Can be everything from drugs to porn to cell phones.

(They have WiFi in prison???)

This walking, talking cliche with not a hint of originality or individualism proclaims himself to be a "motivational speaker for gangsters". He also says he "runs Akron". 

Seems like a delightful fellow, doesn't he???

The biggest revelation comes when he appears to admit to the September 2010 murder of LaDonte Smith - a Northeast Ohio man who was found shot to death inside his car on Wall Street in Akron. 

Ultimately, a dude named Anthony Smart (aka: "Champy") took the fall for the crime. In the video, Fletcha-rama-ding-dong says "If it wasn't for Champy, I'd have a life sentence right now."

No word on how he got the phone and no comment (yet) from the Akron po-po.

This guy gets released from prison in May. As they say on the interwebs...

"Let that sink in".

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