Kanye West on TMZ: The full-length interview {Video}


Last week, Kanye put on a "Make America Great Again" hat and the world nearly had a damn meltdown.

Over a hat.

I get it, I get it. "TRUMP" is... let's just say... a polarizing figure, but...

We're gonna freak out over a hat? Over an idea? Over a thought-process?

So... he sat down (and stood-up) with TMZ for a little interview/rant.

It was incredibly compelling - but - most of the media cut it up into little pieces.

Here's an idea - how about watching the whole thing before you get on your little judgemental Social Justice Warrior soapbox, you little hashtag activist, you!

Here's the whole thing. Watch it in full or zip your lip.


I really enjoyed that.


I don't like the world we live in right now. 

Where if someone disagrees with you... they are deemed insane or having a mental illness.... or racist... or transphobic... or homophobic... or sexist... or cultural appropriating... or promoting rape culture... or (insert some nonsense here).

Now- I will say that his comments about slavery in the above clip were... confusing. However, he sounded downright enlightened during other portions.

I'm hesitant to even give my opinion on this video for fear of being labeled something I am not. THIS is the world we live in now. It's an ugly world... and it's coming from both the right AND THE LEFT!!!! What he said about us TALKING to each other is key. 

How can we get anywhere when all we do is disagree with each other and shut each other down always wanting to be right... instead of coming to a consensus?

Watch without prejudice and hit me up on Twitter to talk about it - @javajoel

Let's TALK about it. Not cast aspersions on each other for interpreting it differently.

Java Joel

Java Joel

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