Cleveland bus driver fired for berating 11-year-old {Video}


A Cleveland school bus driver has been FIRED for how he handled one of his riders.

Flamando McElrath is a bus driver for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. According to Flamando, 11-year-old Joseph M. Gallagher, was a constant problem- picking on other kids, being unruly, asking inappropriate questions... and McElrath had had enough.

So- he flipped out on the kid.


Now - here's the thing.

If someone treated my kid like that... I'd want to strangle this dude. FOR REAL!

That said- let's be honest... Some 11-year-old boys are flat-out bad eggs. 

<Not saying this kid was , necessarily, but... C'mon. Let's get real. He probably was...>

Did this man go over-the-line? Yeah. He did. Should he have been fired? Probably. You don't mess with someone else's kids like that, but let's not assume that this kid is some angel either.

Sounds like Mom and/or Dad shoulda done what the bus driver did years ago.


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