Footage of MGK allegedly beating-up Hollywood actor

So, TMZ put out a video allegedly showing a  fight break-out between a Z-list actor who goes by the douchechill-inducing name... G-Rod.

Sorry, but anyone who refers to themselves as ANYTHING dash "Rod" sounds like a real toolbag, but I digress..

Anyway, in an attempt to go viral ('Cuz that's, like, the only real currency we have anymore), this G-Rod fellow approached Cleveland's own MGK calling him a "pu$$y", all because of the Eminem beef drama silliness.

This was "G-Rod's" side of the story.

Now, this new video surfaces *allegedly* of MGK (and his crew) beating G-Rod down.

Although... Let's watch that video again... I don't see MGK... Do YOU???


Whattya think???

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