How To Handle A Break Up

Many of us have felt the sting of a heartbreak. Break ups are hard but it is all about how you handle yourself after that matters. Don't let the other person "WIN." Pick yourself up and move on. You are worth it! Dr. Jenn Mann, psychotherapist and relationship expert, advises that your take your focus off your ex and place it on you instead. Try following a few of these steps to help get you back on track!

The first suggestion she gives is to avoid ALL contact. You end up hurting yourself more in the long run. Even if you still have items at their place you must cut all ties with them. It is the most important step in starting to heal yourself. You have to let go completely.

Stop comparing yourself to them. Social media is a fallacy because people usually project their best selves. Make sure you are not checking up on them through social apps. They only show what is on the outside but not what people are really feeling on the inside.

Feel the pain your are enduring, don't run from it. Food, drugs, sex and alcohol only mask your true feelings. The sooner you are able to face what you are feeling the quicker you can get over the relationship.

Be "The Glow Up!" We have all seen photos of others who get their lives together and look and feel amazing. You deserve to feel the same way! Get dedicated to you and your self-care. Take care of your skin, find a type of exercise you like, get some sun and meditate. Feeling physically and mentally well will help you feel more confident on your new journey.

Stop beating yourself up. Make sure you take time to forgive yourself. Wallowing in your own self-pity won't do anything good for your mental stability.

Reflection is a fabulous tool to improve who you are as a person. Take a retrospective look at your relationship to see what you could have done better. How did you add to or handle the unhealthy parts of your partnership? Learn from your mistakes so your next relationship can flourish.

Holding onto anger is not good for your heart. Time to let go! This doesn't mean you need to forgive your ex for anything, it will just help you have peace of mind so you can move on.

Who are you? Take time to get to know yourself. Sometimes we lose our own individuality in a relationship. What are you passionate about? Do you have any hobbies? Get together with your friends and find your happy again.

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