Marriage Advice From TikTok

Advice can come from the most unlikely places such as TikTok. TikTok is filled with loads of entertaining videos. You can find life hacks, cooking recipes and dance trends but you can also dig a little deeper. You can find some pretty informative accounts from doctors and even relationship experts.

Marriage and relationship experts @couplessuccess says you should ask yourself the "first date" question. Meaning if today was your first date would "YOU" be invited back for a second. If you think your behavior would not land you a second date then maybe it is a good time to reflect on what transpired during your night out.

Every couple has been through the struggle of figuring out where to eat. TikTokers @JamesandAmanda suggest a new way of asking your partner what restaurant they want to go to by rewording the question. This couple recommends asking "Guess where I am taking you?" The first restaurant your partner answers with is the place you go. This will eliminate the struggle of going back and forth asking "what do you want to eat for dinner?" The question we all dread.

@shefasjourney, life coach, says to take time to process how you should respond when in an altercation with your significant other. She suggests setting boundaries saying it is the key to a healthy relationship. Acknowledge the situation and then ask for some space if needed. Take some time to think through your response rather than acting irrational or letting your emotions rule your decisions. It is okay to just say "I'm very upset about this right now, so I need time to process what just happened."

Make daily romance a priority. @harveyeverafter suggests that you write down a few new ways to show love to your partner and place them in a jar each month. Then every morning you can pull one out and do the suggested action. Whether it be dressing up for dinner that evening, watching a movie or even just having some uninterrupted quality time together by putting down your phones after work.

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