Home Date Night Ideas

Date nights are usually an evening when you can get away. When you think about "date night" you immediately think about going out somewhere but not everyone can step away from their daily lives to run the town. Parents can have a hard time finding someone to watch their kids and for others spending the extra money might not be feasible. Try a few of these home date ideas to keep the love alive without leaving the house.

You can grab a glass of your favorite beverage and get back to basics by asking "get to know you" questions. You can ask things like "If they won the lottery how would they spend it?" Or "What would be their ideal dream car?" If you don't know what to ask you can always get some help by purchasing a couple's game night. Many have conversations starters that can kickoff your journey of getting to know each other again.

Try enjoying a powerless evening by turning off all electronics. That means not only your phones but the TV and lights as well. Light some candles and try playing a board game together or even reading out loud to each other. You can even combine this date with some "get to know you" questions creating an evening of bonding.

Spend the evening enjoying some music. Throughout the week you can create a playlist or find an album to listen to and talk about together.

How about a romantic dinner? Without the use of your cellular device. There is nothing more sexy than focusing all of your attention on your significant other. They will appreciate it and you might end up learning something new about them. This can strengthen your connection.

Try baking or cooking in the kitchen. Find a recipe that will challenge you both. You can go to the store to buy the ingredients, listen to some music and enjoy each other's company while making something delicious you two can indulge in together. Just try not to make a mess.

Where do you want to go? Whether it is just fantasy or you want to plan it for real, talk about what your ideal vacation would be. It is nice to have something to look forward to and it can even boost your happiness.

DIY projects are entertaining and gratifying. You can set up an art area with paints, brushes and a canvas and try your hand at being creative. You can even follow along with a tutorial video or go screen-free and print out an image you two can attempt to re-create.

Do you have a competitive side? Try playing some video games against each other. There are racing, shooting and even board games you can play digitally.

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