Best Foods To Eat On A Hot Day

Summertime is the best for sitting outside, planning activities and soaking up that vitamin D but it can also be draining. Naps can help elevate some of that exhausted feeling but what you eat can also help replenish your body.

You want to avoid being dehydrated. Make sure you look for foods that are high in potassium, electrolytes, little sugar and simple carbohydrates. These can help give your system the boost you need to keep you going. Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

Cucumbers are 95% water. They are one of the most hydrating vegetables you can indulge in without feeling guilty. You can dip them in hummus, toss them into your salad or even make cucumber water.

Bananas are not only great for digestion but they are also high in potassium. Your muscles will cramp up if you do not have enough potassium, especially if you are dehydrated.

Spinach is also a fabulous source of potassium, especially if you do not like bananas. You can loss potassium through sweating and by being dehydrated.

Chocolate milk! Yeah that is right, chocolate milk is a beverage that can help you recover. Athletes drink this after a good workout because it has the ideal ratio of simple carbs, sugars and proteins. It enters the system at a quick rate which can help replace lost nutrients. One study found it performed as well as Gatorade.

Most people have heard about coconut water but this is a beverage that hydrates quickly. It has electrolytes and potassium, as well as simple sugars and carbohydrates to get you back on track.

Many enjoy watermelon on a hot day which is a great choice since it is high in electrolytes. It is also 92% water and has antioxidants as well as vitamin A.

Protein should be a daily source of energy for your body. It helps repair muscles and will help you recover from that hot day in the sun. Nuts, eggs, legumes, fish and yogurt are also excellent choices of proteins that can help boost your system after a rigorous day.

*Heat stroke is a serious condition and should be dealt with immediately. If you find that you or loved ones are nauseous, have a headache or are even the slightest bit dizzy, stop what you are doing and make an effort to escape the heat. If you don’t feel better after 30 minutes, it is suggested you contact your doctor to avoid heat stroke*

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