How To Start A Daily Healthy Morning Routine

Starting off your day with a routine can help you get moving in a more positive way. Many of us have responsibilities in the morning like making sure the kids get ready, taking care of pets or even chores such as taking out the garbage. Self-care is still an important part of a healthy and happy morning. There are a few healthy morning habits you can add to your daily wake up that could increase your productivity, decrease stress, boost happiness and more.

Your alarm clock is there to work for YOU! No one likes rushing in the morning and the only way you can set aside some time for self-care is to get up a bit earlier. This way you can add in some "me time" before heading off to work. To keep getting the correct amount of sleep you will have to start going to bed earlier.

As soon as you open your eyes don't reach for your phone. Take a couple minutes to breathe in the new day by taking a few deep breathes when you wake up. Then focus on what you are grateful for. Many people look to positive affirmations to help them reflect on the good things in life. Studies show that when you practice gratitude you can decrease pain and reduce aggression.

Many of us reach for that freshly brewed coffee when we wake up. Try rehydrating yourself by drinking a glass of water before that cup of joe. This can help increase your metabolism by up to 30%. Research shows this is a great way to boost your metabolic process.

After a long period of rest our bodies crave movement. Do you stretch when you wake up? Try doing some yoga or a light workout in the morning to get your body moving and the blood flowing again.

The hardest part is actually sticking to this routine every morning. Don't beat yourself up if you miss a morning or forgot to do something in your routine. Don't give up. You can even make your mornings go smoother by prepping your clothes the night before, setting up breakfast for the next morning and even having lunch ready to go. Get up the next day with a positive mindset, you can do this!


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