Dating Experts Flirting Techniques

Do you feel that your flirting game is subpar? Dating coach and founder of Love, an app focused on matchmaking, Amy Nobile is here to guide you. She has helped singles find love through quality matches by working one-on-one with them to create meaningful relationships. She says the hardest part for them is flirting through a dating app so she helps steer them in the right direction.

Here are some of her free pro-tip secrets she recommends for a road to successful flirting.

According to Nobile, it is more about your attitude than anything else. She explains that flirting doesn't mean putting on a show or being inauthentic. Good flirting includes playfulness and is characterized by "warmth." People are looking for someone who is genuine and has good energy. She says "Connecting on a deep level is the new flirting - energy, vibing, all that stuff."

She has a few more tips for once you are past the flirting stage and are ready for the first date.

Before going on that first in-person date makes sure you talk to the other person on the phone for a few minutes. For your first meet up you should keep it to just 30 minutes. "This way you can reflect on the experience after," Nobile says. You can do this by grabbing a coffee or an early drink at the bar. Make sure you make eye contact and flash a smile once in a while. She says that adds a little extra warmth to your first date.

If you do need that boost of help from the source, you can pay to become one of her clients. She makes herself available on-demand. Nobile says "I’ve had clients call me from the bathroom during a date or before a date on a Saturday night,” she says. “I believe this is such an intimate thing."

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