How Much Exercise You Need To Offset A Day Of Sitting

Sitting down all day long is not good for your health. For many people sitting at work is a common occurrence. We need to be able to balance out the negative effects from sitting all day long. New research finds that moving for more than 30 minutes a day could help.

A meta-analysis of 9 independent studies, involving more than 40-thousand people, found that doing "moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity" for 30 to 40 minutes a day can balance out a 10 hour day of stagnant sitting. Even by doing "reasonably intensive" movement like riding a bike, brisk walking or gardening can lower your risk for health problems.

Not everyone has the time to get a full workout session in during the day. Any exercise is better than none. Try standing up! During those times that you are stuck sitting for prolonged periods of time just standing can help some.

Physical activity and population health researcher Emmanuel Stamatakis says, "People can still protect their health and offset the harmful effects of physical inactivity. As these guidelines emphasize, all physical activity counts and any amount of it is better than none."

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