Ways To Boost Your Energy To Prevent That Afternoon Slump

Many of us have felt that afternoon slump. After indulging at lunch we can feel sluggish and it ends up being hard to focus. Naturally our attention spans start to slip in the afternoon. According to Harvard's Healthy Sleep site this tiredness happens because our bodies have an internal circadian alert system.

Basically, a function of your internal clock which works over the course of a 16-hour day working in cycles. Under normal conditions your clock is synchronized with your sleep/wake cycle. That midday slump could be caused by a dip in energy due to the alerting signal. Our clock's alerting signal increases with every hour that you are awake, combating the sleep drive that is building up at the same time. When that signal drops off sleep will set in. So how do you beat that fatigue? Try a few of these science-backed ways to boost your energy.

Dehydration can make you tired. Put down the caffeine and start drinking more water. Research shows even just a small amount of body water loss, just 1-2%, can impair cognitive performance. Cognitive functions include critical thinking skills, attentiveness and memory.

Sunshine can improve your alertness. After lunch try exposing yourself to more light. Even if you cannot get outside, turn up the lights in your work space. Studies have found that this can help fight off that grogginess.

If you find yourself yawning regularly after lunch try connecting with a co-worker. Talking to someone can boost your mood and energy levels in the afternoon.

Some foods are great for helping tackle that slump. Brain foods like broccoli, grains, lentils and eggs can help improve your concentration. Plus, knowing you have a snack can give you something to look forward to in the afternoon.

Adjoa Osei, clinical psychologist, says to take a few minutes to do something fun. If you are physically and mentally drained this can help motivate you to get through the day. It can be something as simple as a walk or watching a few funny videos.

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