Regular Exercise Can Lower Your Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling that many of us have dealt with in our lives. 10% of the world's population suffers from anxiety. Women are twice as likely to experience this compared to men but what can you do to offset that feeling? Exercise is a great way to release pent up energy. According to a new study, regular exercise can cut the risk of developing anxiety disorders by about 60%.

At Lund University in Sweden, scientists studied a group of about 400-thousand people for over 20 years. Individuals were observed from 1989 to 2010. At some point during the research period about half of them participated in Vasaloppet, the world's largest long-distance cross-country ski race. The other half of the participants were members of the general population who were matched up to skiers with similar demographics.

The skiers were found to have a "significantly lower risk" of developing anxiety disorders when compared to the non-skiers. Study author, Martine Svensson explains, "We found that the group with a more physically active lifestyle had an almost 60% lower risk of developing anxiety disorders over a follow-up period of up to 21 years."

This study is the first to look into the effects of exercise in regards to anxiety disorders. Many have been done previous to this focusing on depression and mental health. Of course you don't have to be a cross-country skier to see these positive effects. Any kid of regular forms of exercise can help increase endorphins and will boost your mood!

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