Why You Should Be Working Out Naked

Most of us have our favorite gear to workout in but have you ever thought about tossing out your clothes and just exercising naked? Well it turns out there are a lot of benefits to working out while in the nude. It can be great for your physical and emotional health and there are a few potential perks to getting physical in the buff.

Being nude can increase your self-love and helps you feel more comfortable with your body. Negative body image happens in both men and women trying to achieve unrealistic ideas of attractiveness. Women are subjected to trying to stay thin, while men feel they need to be muscular. Research shows that people who spent time in their birthday suits ended up feeling better about their bodies, than those who wore clothes. Folks whom practice nudism report higher self-esteem.

Accept your body! A controlled study was done with 51 participants split into two groups. One that would perform activities while clothed and the other not. They measured the relative perceived attractiveness of others and social physique anxiety before and immediately after these activities. They found that, communal nudism can help remind people that no body is "perfect" and many seemed to have reductions in social physique anxiety.

Exercise has many techniques and when you are naked you can check your form. By exercising nude you can see all of your muscles and how they are moving in a more in-depth way.

Feel freedom by stripping down those uncomfortable clothes. When working out clothes can be restrictive, especially when you are sweaty. When you workout naked you don't have to worry about our clothes bunching up or feeling gross on your body. Added bonus, you are ready for a shower right after.

Of course you cannot workout just anywhere in the nude. Home is the easiest and most comfortable place to be naked but if you are looking to keep working out at the gym, with a quick google search you can find gyms and classes that offer this option. Do your research and check out the location to make sure they are legit before going. If you decide to join a live online fitness class, in your birthday suit, make sure your camera is turned OFF for your privacy first.

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