7 Signs That You Should Not Be In A Relationship

The pandemic has changed many peoples views on what they want out of a relationship. While others around you have decided that they want to find that special someone and settle down, it is okay not to feel the same way. Some people are just not ready to be committed. If you are not sure where your head is at, here are seven signs you might not be ready for a serious partnership.

Cheating. If you have a wandering eye and are always looking for the next best thing, you are probably not ready to be "committed" to one person. If you have to lie to cover up your deceit than a monogamous relationship is not for you.

Bring your healthiest and best self to the table. If you are still getting over your ex and your last relationship than you are probably not ready for another one just yet. It is unfair to still be pining over someone else while building a new connection. Only get back into something serious when you are good and ready. You owe it to the other person in your life.

Do you have a habit that is self-destructive? If you cannot control yourself, whether it be drinking, drugs, gambling or your temper it will eventually destroy everything around you. How do you expect someone else to want to deal with the aftermath of your vice?

Money is always a conversation when in a relationship and causes many fights. Being financially responsible on your own can help your partnership succeed.

Being narcissistic is not a characteristic people are looking for in a spouse. You cannot share your life with someone if you cannot see or acknowledge a world beyond your own.

Being miserable all the time is not a healthy attribute. If you want to be in a relationship that is happy and productive but cannot get over your own personal baggage, get some help. Therapy is a great way to release those feelings and start working your way to a healthier mind set.

Some people do not want to be in a relationship. As long as you are open and honest with the people in your life there is no problem with not wanting to be committed. Just make sure you are not misleading someone with false hopes of something that might not come to fruition.

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