How To Get Your Partner In The Mood

Romance in the bedroom can fizzle out. Sometimes it might be that your libido is stronger than your partner's. If your sex life is non-existent or not where you want it to be, there are a few things you can do to try and improve things in the bedroom.

Start with the brain. It is the largest sex organ. Tell your lover all the things you appreciate about them. By giving your partner compliments, you will trigger the release of dopamine by the brain, the hormone that makes you feel happy.

Don't let that good feeling stop there, get your flirt on! Romantic attention, in the form of flirting will keep that surge of dopamine flowing. By increasing the attention you give them, you make them feel wanted. Pinch them on the butt, look them in their eyes and even laugh at their jokes.

You can even up your texting game with a little sexting. You can get the engines revving by letting them know what you are looking forward to doing in the bedroom later. You can send a picture of a sexy outfit you plan on wearing or even a dirty photo to get their imaginations to go wild.

Let them enjoy the thrill of the chase. Men love at little competition so make him work for it. You can even tease your partner until you both are fully available to spend some time alone together.

Touch is a love language most people enjoy. For instance try rubbing their back or chest, or running your fingers through their hair. This PG action can show your affection for your spouse. Quick tip, guys like to feel loved just as much as women do.

Put on an outfit you feel confident and sexy wearing. Whether that be your partner's favorite outfit on you, lingerie or even in your birthday suit you cannot go wrong.

No matter what kind of signals you send, you’ll be getting your partner in the mood, and that’s the goal.

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