Stop Caring About What People Think About You

The internet has given us easy access to information but it has also made many of us look at ourselves in a new light, in which we compare ourselves to others. There is no need to seek constant approval but many people have become too worried about what other people think about them. You are living your best life for yourself not anyone else. Try these six tips, that according to Alpha M, can help reduce that anxiety you feel when you are wondering what others are thinking about you.

Surround yourself with good quality people. If you keep a circle of people that make you feel good, you won't be bothered by the "small-minded" ones. In essence, you are who you surround yourself with so choose wisely.

Be selective about who you ask for feedback. You only want to receive advice from people that you trust, admire and respect. This way you might actually get an opinion that can be beneficial, something you can learn and grow from.

Define your core values. Think carefully about who and what you want to be. Then let that reflect in your habits and actions.

No one is perfect, so own your faults. Once you have recognized those things are aren't perfect about yourself, you can then take actions to improve upon those characteristics. There will be people in your life who might point out your "flaws." Don't be bothered by them. They are just too afraid to look in the mirror and judge themselves. Once, again surround yourself with positive and uplifting people who support you, not a negative Nancy.

Forgive yourself! If you have made a mistake, learn from it and move on. Everyone slips up, just try not to make the same one twice. Holding onto that baggage will hold you back, let go and do better next time.

Take risks! People who have never failed at anything probably doesn't take chances. Don't worry about if you succeed or not. Imagine what the "worst-case scenario" could be. Then ask yourself if you would still be okay if that were to happen. If you can honestly say "yes," then go for it! You will have an experience you can grow from and you might just enjoy yourself.

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