Things Guys Worry About That Most Women Do Not

Women worry about many things especially what others think about them. There are a few things that only guys seem to be concerned about, that women barely notice. Here are 6 things that men obsess over that they can stop fretting about so they can focus on the stuff that actually matters.

Guys tend to be worried about their hairline. First impressions are what people usually use to base their opinion on when they meet someone. After that initial meeting...who cares? Your personality is what will shine not your hairline and how you carry yourself is much more important!

Cars, for the most part, are a guy thing. Some might view it as a status symbol but most women aren't worried about what kind of car you are driving. As long as, your car is not a moving trash can filled with garbage, clothes and smells like an ashtray, you should be in the clear.

Most guys feel that they need to be jacked or ripped. People appreciate someone who is in shape because it means you take care of yourself but you don't have to look like a superhero. The perception of guys who are gym rats is that they are "vain and high maintenance" and being cut is not as much of a priority to women as you think it is.

No one cares about size. It doesn't matter how big, small or average you are. What does matter is how you use it during your performance. Enthusiasm, passion and before-and-after attention is way more important!

There are men out there who pride themselves on having the latest watches or jewelry. It is a great way to collect something of value, if that is what you are into, just know that women rarely pay attention to what watch a man is wearing.

Beards are a good look on some gents but if she is not having it, shave it off. It is just hair and it will grow back!

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