Pro Breakfast Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

What’s the best thing to eat for breakfast when you’re trying to lose weight? That all depends on who you ask. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about the healthiest breakfast options that promote weight loss. Some say oatmeal is best, others believe eggs and lean proteins are better and some say intermittent fasting is the way to go.

So what should we eat first thing in the morning? These are the breakfast habits that expert dietitians recommend that actually work for weight loss.

  • Eating enough protein- One of the most effective breakfast habits for losing weight is eating plenty of protein. Registered dietitian Courtney D’Angelo says this macronutrient will help keep you full longer, which helps you avoid reaching for snacks after you eat breakfast. She advises starting the day with foods like eggs, yogurt and turkey sausage.
  • Drink plenty of water- She also says drinking water before, during and after breakfast is essential to healthy weight loss. Even though most of us want coffee first thing, it’s better to start with a glass of water.
  • Limiting your sugar intake- And speaking of that coffee, it’s fine to enjoy a cup or two, but if too much sugar is involved, it can derail your weight loss goals. Some of those seasonal coffee drinks are sugar bombs and too much of the sweet stuff can lead to weight gain, heart disease and an increased risk of diabetes. D’Angelo recommends adding natural spices, like cinnamon and cocoa powder, to flavor the coffee without sugar.
  • Never skipping breakfast- It turns out, just eating breakfast can make a big difference to your health and weight loss plan. According to registered dietitian Lauren Grey, skipping breakfast isn’t helpful at all. “It only slows down your metabolism, so you’ll be burning fewer calories,” she explains. “And your body will enter survival mode, which means it will start accumulating fat instead of burning it.”

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