Halsey Stops Concert After Issue In Audience

Halsey kicked off her “Love and Power Tour” in West Palm Beach, Florida earlier this week, and 30 minutes into her set she saw something in the crowd that prompted her to stop the show.

TMZ caught video of the moment, with Halsey cutting the music and then bending down to talk to some fans. “What's wrong?" she is heard saying, although it's unknown what actually happened.

She then addressed s the audience, "I didn't think I was going to have to get (inaudible) until a couple days into the tour, dammit," adding, “I know we've been locked inside for a long time and forgot how to act like f---ing people," noting, "But everybody is here because they love the same thing you do so treat them with compassion, community."

Halsey then returned to performing the track “You Should Be Sad.”

Source: TMZ

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