Mom Goes Viral For Naming Her Newborn After Deceased Family Dog

The doctor's hands in rubber gloves are holding the small fingers of a newborn baby who is lying in the medical box.

Photo: Getty Images

TikToker Ambyr S. has gone viral…and is catching some heat…for naming her newborn son after the family dog that died just two days before her son was born. “Lost our first baby 2 days before we had our last baby,” she captioned a video clip, adding “Pretty sure they have the same soul.”

While most commenters have been supportive of her choice, there are several that have said they can’t believe she named her son Henry Myles after their dog Myles. Commenters had fun with the idea, with several saying the idea wouldn’t work for them. One said “I don’t think I can name a human child stinky though,” while another said, “I draw the line at my cat Turd Ferguson.”

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