Visitor Finds 3-Carat Diamond At Arkansas State Park

Luxury diamond on black background. 3D rendered illustration.

Photo: Getty Images

There are stories out of the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas every so often about people finding precious gems while sifting through the dirt, but David Anderson made the news earlier this month when he found a brown diamond weighing 3.29 carats.

It was the largest diamond found in the park since September 2021 when a man visiting from California dug up a 4.38-carat yellow diamond. Anderson is a regular visitor to the park and has found over 400 gems since 2007. He says he’s named his latest find “B.U.D.” for “Big Ugly Diamond.” He won’t be adding it to his collection, though; Anderson says he plans to sell B.U.D.

Read the full article at New York Post

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