Bumble Predicts 2024's Top Dating Trends

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‘Tis the season for predictions about the year ahead and Bumble is on it. The dating app has just come out with their forecast for the top dating trends of 2024. Their insights come from surveying more than 25-thousand singles around the world and these are the trends they expect to be big next year.

  • Cross-gen romance - It seems more people are accepting of dating people older or younger than they are, as age gap relationships are predicted to be popular in 2024. Bumble’s research finds that for 63%, age isn’t a defining factor in dating, 59% of women are more open to dating someone younger than them and just over a third (35%) of women say they’re less judgemental about age gap relationships now.
  • Val-core dating - Singles are looking for shared priorities in a partner and value engagement on issues that are important to them. A quarter of Bumble users want their partner to be actively engaged in politics and social causes and say it makes them more attractive. For one in three women, it’s a turn-off if someone they’re dating isn’t aware of current issues.
  • Betterment burnout - People have had enough of the push for constant self-improvement, which is why two in three women are making an effort to be happier with who they are right now.
  • Intuitive intimacy - A third of those surveyed believe emotional intimacy is now more important than sex and find it more attractive than physical connection.
  • Open-hearted masculinity - Becoming more open and vulnerable is something 25% of men are trying to do and they say it’s also had a positive impact on their mental health.
  • Timeline decline - Following a traditional relationship timeline is becoming less important to singles, as 31% of women say they’re no longer focused on reaching milestones in an old-school time frame.
  • MVP (Most Valuable Partner) - For 31% of singles, a shared love of sports is now a “must-have” and 24% say going to sports events together is important.
  • Consider-date - Prioritizing self-care and mental health is key for singles, as 58% say they’re now more open about their mental health and making a real effort to slow down. Nearly a third (31%) are “slow-dating,” while 36% of women are actively looking for people who value both time and self-care.

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