What Your McDonald’s Order Says About You


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Fast food is convenient and can be tasty, but it can also reveal a lot about your personality, according to behavioral and media psychologist Jo Hemmings. She’s breaking down what your go-to McDonald’s order says about you.

Jo calls herself a fan of the Golden Arches, but some of you may not be lovin’ her assessments.

  • Big Mac - Those who love this classic burger are loyal and “traditionalists,” she says, and they don’t need a menu to know what they’re going to get on every visit. They’re also not afraid to be opinionated, and they won’t change their opinions to “keep up with the times.”
  • Hamburger - People who prefer a plain burger, which Jo calls a “dull choice,” are “crowd-pleasers who go with the flow.” She adds that these types are “gentle souls” who don’t like to make a fuss.
  • Spicy McCrispy - Fans of this chicken sandwich are passionate and excitable, and they enjoy the heat. “You like to travel somewhere exotic - or at least imagine it, you may be a bit of a dreamer,” the psychologist shares.
  • Quarter Pounder - Ordering this means you want to get the most bang for your buck, according to Jo. She describes fans of this burger as “not showy, but not a pushover either.”
  • McNuggets - If this is your favorite thing to order at McDonald’s, she says you’re the life of the party who’s positive and always has their friends’ backs. People who love nuggets let their inner child take over to enjoy this simple pleasure.
  • Triple Cheeseburger - Folks who order this regularly probably have a lot of energy and may be a little dramatic. “You’re someone that’s probably on the go a lot of the time,” Jo says. “You work hard and play hard and don’t give into fatigue.”
  • Filet-O-Fish - Those who go for the fish may be described as “picky” and they want to be seen as ordering healthy, but they’re not willing to get a salad at McDonald’s.
  • Happy Meal - Anyone who’s ordering a Happy Meal as a grown-up loves to embrace their inner child. “You’re always positive and see the bright side of life,” Jo explains. “You are spontaneous and your sense of fun is infectious. Why shouldn’t you have a toy with your meal?”

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