Americans Spend Around 300 Hours A Year Cleaning

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How do you feel about cleaning the house? Whether you despise it or don’t mind it, it’s one of those chores you can’t escape, at least if you don’t want to live in filth. A new survey of 2-thousand U.S. adults looks into their cleaning habits and finds that the average person spends more than five hours a week, or close to 300 hours a year, cleaning their home.

According to the poll:

  • Cleaning is one of the things that takes up a big chunk of time each week (39%), along with working (32%) and watching TV (52%).
  • Despite the time we spend on it, 52% admit they fall behind on cleaning up at home at least sometimes.
  • While we all know those types that find cleaning fun, like Monica on “Friends,” 32% confess they don’t like this chore.
  • That may be because 45% say they’re the only one in their household who does the cleaning.
  • Not only are they doing it solo, 26% have even missed out on an event like going out for drinks with friends (39%), spending time with family (35%) and going to their child’s sports game or recital (22%) because they felt like they needed to clean instead.
  • During the holidays, 78% say they clean even more often, especially if they’re hosting guests.
  • People start cleaning an average of three days before guests arrive, but one in seven starts at least a week ahead.
  • So it’s not surprising that 58% feel tired by the time they finish prepping for visitors and 36% confess they don’t like hosting others for events at home.

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