People Love Chocolate More Than Social Media

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When the afternoon slump hits, do you find yourself craving something salty or sweet to get you through the rest of the work day? New research suggests you’re in good company, as snacking has become a big part of our lives.

  • The findings of the fifth annual State of Snacking global consumer trends study from Mondelez International are out, revealing just how important snacks are to many of us.
  • They polled more than 36-hundred people in 12 countries to find out about their snacking habits and preferences.

Key findings from the State of Snacking Study include:

  • Almost everyone snacks, as 88% of those polled indulge in snacks every day.
  • Six in 10 respondents prefer to eat many small, snacky meals throughout the day rather than just a few big meals.
  • Three-quarters like to eat their snacks during a special moment or time of the day.
  • Portion control is important, as 67% say they look for portion-controlled snacks.
  • Seven in 10 would rather have a smaller portion of an indulgent snack than a larger portion of a low-fat or sugar-alternative option.
  • More than half (56%) discover new snacks on social media and 52% say it would be amazing to have an “instant buy” button for all the snacks they find there.
  • Packaging is important to younger generations, especially millennials, with 71% of them prioritizing snacks that have less plastic packaging.
  • While 76% of all respondents say they’ve been loyal to the same snack brands for a long time, 59% consider themselves “snack adventurers” who like to try new ones.
  • People really love chocolate, as 72% say a “world without chocolate would be a world without joy.”
  • Overall, 57% agree with the statement “I would rather give up social media for a month than chocolate,” and that number spikes to 65% for respondents in North America.

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