Americans’ Sex Habits Revealed

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Some folks are shy about their sex lives, but a hot and heavy new survey has Americans revealing their most intimate bedroom habits. Online pharmacy ZipHealth asked 1,000 people about everything from the romantic destinations they love for a dirty weekend away to how long their average sex session lasts.

Some of the responses are too spicy for us to mention, but here’s what we can share:

  • A lot of Americans are ready to try something new and exciting in the bedroom, including new toys, positions and partners.
  • The favorite position overall is doggy style, followed by reverse cowgirl, 69 and missionary in fourth.
  • So how long is the average sexual encounter? An impressive 30 minutes, according to respondents.
  • As for the favorite time of day for having sex, most prefer evenings (28%) and late at night (30%), with just 10% into it in the morning, but 27% are up for it any time.
  • It turns out, some people’s sex drives change with the seasons, with 31% of men and 21% of women reporting that they have more sex during the summer than winter and fall.
  • Some respondents are ready to get more adventurous this summer, with 29% of women saying they want a “hot girl summer,” where they’re the life of the party, have confidence and enjoy themselves.
  • The average respondent plans to have two sexual partners this summer.
  • The survey also asks where people would go in the world for a romantic, sex-filled getaway and Hawaii comes in first with 37%.
  • Paris, France, is second (29%), followed by Cancun, Mexico (27%) and New York City (27%), then Lucca, Italy (18%).

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