Instacart Reveals The Top July 4th Foods

Barbeque Hot Dog, Fourth of July Picnic Table & Patriotic Food

Photo: Funwithfood / E+ / Getty Images

July 4th is next week and food is a focal point. Instacart is sharing their list of the top 10 foods for Fourth of July cookouts, based on last year’s orders and it’s got a shocking snub in it. Hot dogs didn’t make the list! Here’s what did:

  1. Yellow corn
  2. Charcoal
  3. Potato Salad
  4. Baby Back Ribs
  5. Hot Dog Buns
  6. Canned Baked Beans
  7. Bratwurst
  8. Frozen Beef Burgers
  9. Watermelons
  10. Beef Patties

Check out the article at Delish

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