The Average American Feels Tired 1,460 Hours A Year

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Do you find yourself yawning every day, no matter how much you sleep? Americans are tired, according to new research that finds the average person feels tired four hours a day. That means we spend 1,460 hours every year feeling tired.

According to a new survey of 2-thousand U.S. adults:

  • The average person says “I’m tired” out loud three times a day.
  • Almost a third (31%) say they feel more tired than average.
  • Even after a good night’s sleep, a third of respondents “always” or “often” still feel tired.
  • More than half (58%) admit that tiredness has caused them to avoid social interactions, with 34% skipping events and 27% canceling plans with friends or family because of being tired.
  • The feeling doesn’t stop with the work week, as the average American spends more than a quarter (27%) of their weekend resting and recuperating from the week before.
  • Being tired is also to blame for people procrastinating chores (32%), staying in bed (30%), skipping exercise (21%) and avoiding cooking (30%).
  • It can be even worse for people with chronic disease, like diabetes and obesity. The survey included 1,000 of them and they report being tired two extra hours a day.
  • But a third (33%) of all respondents say they manage to push through feeling tired because they’re worried about not getting things done (54%) or they believe the feeling will pass (23%).
  • While being tired slows them down, 35% confess they “rarely” or “never” think about what’s causing it and only 5% talk to a doctor about it.

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