Do's and Don'ts of Philly Tailgating

It's Tailgate season in Philly with he Birds for at least for a little while longer, here are the best and worst practices in tailgating you need to know to wrap up the eagles season right!

One of the best practices for tailgating is to arrive early and set up in a designated tailgating area. This allows you to secure a good spot and gives you plenty of time to set up your grill and other equipment. It is also a good idea to bring plenty of food and drinks, as well as chairs and tables to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Another important aspect of tailgating is respecting the space of others. It is important to be mindful of the area you are taking up and to keep the noise level down so as not to disturb others who may be trying to enjoy their own tailgate experience.

On the other hand, one of the worst practices for tailgating is consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. While it is common to have a few drinks while tailgating, it is important to drink responsibly and to never drink and drive. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to inappropriate behavior and put the safety of others at risk. It is important to remember to always be respectful and considerate of others while tailgating.

In summary, the best practices for tailgating include arriving early, bringing plenty of food and drinks, respecting the space of others, and drinking responsibly. The worst practices include consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and engaging in inappropriate or disrespectful behavior. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your tailgate experience is fun, safe, and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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