Meteorologist Dallas Raines Explains Viral 30% Chance of Rain TikTok

“What is something you found out late in life, but should have known earlier?” What those percentages of rain on the weather mean! We were today-years-old when we learned what “30% chance of rain” really means.

It all started after a woman asked the question on TikTok and discovered the actual meaning of the phrase and minds have been blown.

The clip, which is in response to the question, "What is something you found out late in life that you should have known earlier but just didn't?" starts with the woman saying how she thought the phrase meant how likely it would be that it would rain that day, but that's not the case. She then explains that it means there is a 100% chance it will rain in 30% of your area.

Still confused? So were we so we had legendary Los Angeles meteorologist Dallas Raines break it all down for us.

Watch back the on-air moment for the complete explanation above.